Pandemic-Proof Careers For Your Kids
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Pandemic-Proof Careers For Your Kids

IT Tech jobs and civil service positions are among the most stable employment in the middle of a pandemic

News Canada – (NC) We all want our kids to lead happy and successful lives. But after seeing the challenges brought on by the pandemic, you know this means finding employment in a secure, stable industry. If your child is entering the job market, looking for work or deciding on a post-secondary major, here are some sectors to consider:


Despite the disruptions to schooling, we’ve seen that classes must always continue. The demand for teachers and other educators continues to rise, and with remote learning unlikely to go away fully, a variety of online and in-person jobs in education will be necessary to help kids keep learning.

Information technology

Computer and software technicians are always in demand in an increasingly digital world. But beyond steady work, IT has several benefits matched perfectly to weathering a pandemic. It straddles multiple industries and businesses, meaning even if one business goes down, a dozen others are waiting to take you on. Like education, IT also lends itself perfectly to remote work. Apply your skills from the safety of your home in a field that only continues to grow.

Government work

Not only are government positions stable, but they all focus heavily on developing employees and building careers. Positions aren’t limited to desk work either. The Canadian Coast Guard is actively hiring for a variety of exciting careers that combine active, outdoor work with stability, benefits and a focus on career advancement.

Whether in search and rescue, technician roles on and off the water, or even communications, the Canadian Coast Guard has positions and careers for every skillset and interest.

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