Change For The Better: New Habits To Keep Post-Lockdown
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Change For The Better: New Habits To Keep Post-Lockdown

More Canadians are embracing hobbies to get them through the pandemic lockdown

(NC) Spending more time at home means many of us have developed new habits or taken up new hobbies. With lockdown rules loosening, you may find your lifestyle changing to reflect a returning sense of freedom. Here are some healthy habits to consider keeping post-lockdown.

Make time for hobbies
Did you learn to bake during lockdown? Take on any DIY projects? Whether it was cooking more, completing a 1,000-piece puzzle or writing the next great Canadian novel, we all found unique ways to upgrade our skills or occupy our time at home. While it’s tempting to zone out in front of the TV or laptop after work, keep making space for your new activities to help reduce stress.

Practice self care at home
Staying healthy during COVID-19 is often about prevention, which is why it’s so important to remain vigilant about the aspects of your health you can control — like your oral health.

“In a time when your next visit to the dentist or hygienist may be uncertain, it’s important to maintain a daily routine of brushing and flossing to prevent tooth decay and promote gum health,” explains Dr. Thomas Nguyen, assistant professor in periodontology at McGill.

The oral health products you use play a part, so consider switching to a toothpaste like the new Colgate Renewal Gum Revitalize, which features a specialized formula that helps reverse early gum damage.

Protect your time
With more of us working from home, it can sometimes feel like we are living at work. Boundaries have blurred between work and personal time, making it important to protect your time and say “no” to asks from colleagues, bosses and clients that come after work hours.

If “no” became part of your vocabulary during lockdown, don’t be afraid to keep using it when life returns to normal, especially if you’re uncomfortable accepting invitations to social events, patio visits or family gatherings.

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