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Trudeau Government Faces 2nd Vote of No Confidence in Less Than a Month

A vote of no confidence will send the Canadians back to the polls in the middle of a pandemic just one year removed.

Just over two weeks ago, The NDP voted to support the Liberals Throne Speech and prevented an early election call. This time around may not be the case.

O’Toole said “the Throne Speech did not go far enough to help Canadians” and Blanchet wanted a king’s ransom in health transfer payments to Quebec without attachments and both voted to topple the Trudeau Administration.

Newly Minted Conservative leader Erin O’Toole is insisting the Federal Government establish a committee tasked with trying to unearth possible evidence of corruption related to the We Charity.

Prior to being elected leader of the Conservative party, then-leader Andrew Scheer called the Prime Minister and several members of the government to be questioned under oath which ultimately led to the resignation of Bill Morneau, the Finance Minister.

After weeks of questioning and mountains of documents turned over to the committee for review, the matter was thought to be closed. The Federal Government has insisted on no wrongdoing in awarding the WE Charity the contract to administer student loans.

An early election call in the middle of winter and a deadly global pandemic would have been disastrous for Canadians.

“It will be up to parliamentarians, the opposition, to decide whether they want this minority government to work or whether they’ve lost confidence.

“We know that if Parliament determines they no longer have confidence in the minority government, then unfortunately there will be elections.” Said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Conservatives are accusing the Prime Minister of using the no confidence vote to avoid the creation of a new committee on corruption and the Federal government is accusing the Conservatives of just playing politics.

Trudeau Government Faces 2nd Vote of No Confidence in Less Than a Month

The Blocs have once again signaled they will be voting in lock step with the Conservatives in support of a vote of no confidence. This now once again leave the critical vote in the hands of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

“People are worried about their jobs, children & loved ones in long term care. The PM is threatening an election because he doesn’t like a proposal for a committee? This shows how out-of-touch Liberals are I’m focused on Canadian” Said NDP Jagmeet Singh in a post on his Twitter account.

With a Tweet so harshly worded towards the Prime Minister, Singh may be signalling his willingness to join forces with the Bloc and Conservatives and bring down government. If this does happen, it will almost certainly see the resignation of Singh as the leader of the NDP if he fails to pick up seats.

The NDP are the third opposition and badly hemorrhaged seats in the last election. Then there is the question of finances. NDP fundraising was at a seventeen year low for the NDP under Jagmeet which ultimately led to the mortgaging of Jack Layton place to finance their last election.

If the Federal government does fall, there will surely be many surprises in the outcome and one real scenario is sending Trudeau back to parliament with a majority government.

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