Microbrewing Industry on the verge of collapsing in Quebec
Eastern Canada

Microbrewing Industry on the Verge of Collapsing in Quebec

Call for government assistance to lifting red tape hurting the Microbrewing Industry have been ignored

MONTREAL,  – While the reconfinement risks dealing a fatal blow to several microbreweries located in the red zone, the member for Rosemont and responsible for Québec solidaire in matters of economic and fiscal justice, Vincent Marissal , urges the CAQ government to relax the regulations in force to make it easier for microbrewers to distribute their products to Quebec consumers.

Last June, Québec solidaire asked the CAQ government to adopt a decree authorizing microbrewers to sell their products directly to consumers, whether online or by delivery, in retail stores or in markets. public. However, almost four months later, nothing has been done by the government to make their lives easier, deplores Vincent Marissal .

Microbrewing Industry on the verge of collapsing in Quebec

“The past few months have been tough for microbrewers: they were the first to close this spring and fall and have suffered thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Quebec solidaire sounded the alarm bell last June, but the government slept on the switch and hid behind the now defunct Bill 61 to justify its inaction. 

Microbrewers have long been asking for the distribution of their products to be made easier, but now it’s really one to midnight. If we want to prevent our microbreweries from falling one by one like flies, the government must expand their distribution channels in order to help them get through the crisis, ”insists Vincent Marissal .

The member for Rosemont calls on the government to adopt a decree immediately to temporarily relax the regulations governing the distribution of brewing products, a quick and easy way to help microbrewers without spending a penny of public money.

Microbrewing Industry on the verge of collapsing in Quebec

Microbrewers are sounding the alarm

Several microbrewery owners have joined their voices to that of the solidarity deputy this morning to call for a reduction in the regulations in force.

“The SAQ delivers wine by mail, the SQDC delivers cannabis by private carriers, so why can’t craft brewers deliver their products directly to consumers or sell them in Quebec public markets?” The government has been asking the government to expand our distribution channels for two years, and the pandemic has placed many of us on the verge of bankruptcy. We don’t need subsidies, but a government decree to let us sell beer immediately! »Insists the owner of the microbrewery Le Cheval Blanc, Jérôme Catelli Denys.

“In Quebec, there are two types of microbrewery permits. The main difference is the extent of the distribution channel available to them. For holders of artisan brewer’s permits, who represent almost 30% of the 270 microbreweries, the pandemic is making business very difficult because they can only sell from their place of production. 

These microbreweries are tied hand and foot and need to be allowed to expand their distribution channel to face the crisis, ”says Marie-Ève ​​Côté, president of the Association des microbrasseries du Québec (AMBQ).

“Our industry is essential for economic development and the vitality of communities. With the closure of restaurants and bars, the situation will become very difficult for us. Income losses are around 85% at the start of the second wave. We are not asking for any subsidies, only regulatory relief to help us get through the crisis and revive our industry. 

The government is asking companies to innovate in the present situation, it is the least of things that it allows artisanal beer producers to distribute their products to get through the crisis, ”says Pascal Fex , owner of the brewery. handcrafted the Holy Grail.

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