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Arsonists Set Fire to Mi’Kmaq Fishing Compound & Sucker Punch Mi’Kmaq Chief

Another day of assault on the Mi’Kmaq community resulting in local Chief being sucker punched in the face

Another day of violent assault on the Mi’kmaq fishers in Nova Scotia at the hands of commercial Fishers. Nova Scotians woken to a major fire and this time it wasn’t a burning vehicle it was a lobster compound building set ablaze.

The fire completely destroyed the compound and all the contents that were being stored inside. Luckily they were no casualties however one person has been taken to the hospital for life threatening injuries.

As blatant assaults continues on the Mi’kmaq fishers, Canadians are asking what are the RCMP and authorities doing to prevent the violence and keep the community safe.

The RCMP issued the following statement.

“The Nova Scotia RCMP will continue to take steps to ensure that those who unlawfully interfere with or threaten the safety of any person or property may be held accountable in accordance with the laws of Canada.”

The RCMP have also arrested and laid charges against 46-year-old, Chris Gerald Melanson, of Digby County with Assault in relation to the assault of Chief Michael Sack that occurred on Wednesday October 14, in New Edinburgh. Melanson is scheduled to appear in Digby Provincial Court December 21 at 9:30 a.m.

“I demand a full and thorough investigation by the proper authorities, I will be monitoring the situation and will update later today.” Said National Chief Perry Bellegarde.

The prime minister of Canada and Indigenous affairs minister has condemned take a salt on the indigenous Fishers and the violence preventing them from exercising their treaty rights to fish Harvest as in health by the Supreme Court of Canada

Indigenous lives and rights matter. It is utterly absurd to know that we are in 2020 and Indigenous peoples are still fighting for basic rights ingrained into them vietri teas the Constitution and you Supreme Court of Canada

As the rest of Canada watches with great sadness, we can only hope that arsonists and racist acts of violence will come to a halt before it results in a loss of life.

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