Happy National Coming Out Day
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Happy National Coming Out Day

National coming out day marks a day of celebration for LGBT2Q community

Today is National Coming Out Day for our friends in the LGBT2Q community. This day is now recognized in many countries across the globe and was originally established in 1988 in the United States. The seeds of this story were sown many years prior. When Harvey Milk was elected as San Francisco’s first openly gay City Councillor, he became a champion in the fight against discrimination for the LGBT2Q Community.

A statewide ordinance allowing employers to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation was on a statewide ballot. Harvey coined the phrase, “Come out Come Out where ever you are”.

When people had an opportunity to put a name or a face to someone from our community, it put a human perspective on the issue. The struggle for human rights started from those days and We Rose as a Community.

In Winnipeg, we held our first Pride Parade in 1987 and there were 250 of us brave souls. said Jim Kane, A champion of human rights. The slogan I remember is “We are the people of your neighborhood”.

Jim Kane – Human Rights Champion

Today we celebrate living in Canada with significant advances, but we must never forget how difficult and challenging it can be for someone to come out. It is the beginning of self-acceptance and healing. We celebrate that with many of our peers on days like this.

You are not alone in your journey!

Jim Kane
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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