Entrepreneurs Create Sanitizing Wristband To Help Fight COVID-19

Entrepreneurs Create Sanitizing Wristband To Help Fight COVID-19

Sanitizing wristbands are news tools being used in the fight against COVID-19

New York-based company FreeBand has successfully launched the very first-hand sanitizer wristband within the world. The revolutionary bands are fashionable, refillable and effective at allowing people to access hand sanitizer anywhere.

FreeBand was originally created in response to the coronavirus’ impact on the entertainment industry. Uri Singer, a veteran producer, invented and developed the band as a way to help keep cast and crew members safe, while on set during production. He is joined by Steve Gordon, a NYC-based attorney and biotechnology entrepreneur.

“This is why we created Freeband — to do our part and help people stay safe at a time when people need it the most. Wearing the wristband is a constant visual reminder to clean your hands after touching something that could have potentially exposed you to harmful germs,” said FreeBand CEO/Found Uri Singer. 

The patent-pending technology was developed in collaboration with Dr. John Moss and Dr. Marc Baum, research scientists on the frontlines of COVID-19. Between them, they have an established track record of designing, testing, manufacturing, and clinically evaluating medical devices for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. 

“Along with wearing face coverings and social distancing, hand sanitizing is one of the key measures people can adopt to curb the spread of COVID-19. These measures will continue to be critical even if vaccines and therapeutics are developed successfully. FreeBand provides a convenient, practical, on-the-go hand sanitizing option,” said Dr. John Moss and Dr. Marc Baum. 

Built for safety and comfort, the stylish wristband is made of ultra-light silicone and has a built-in dispenser to fill with your choice of sanitizer. FreeBand is available in multiple colorways and is easily cleanable with either soap and water or hand sanitizer. For more information, visit Freeband.live.

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