City Councillor in the Philippines Gunned Down in Ambush

City Councillor in the Philippines Gunned Down in Ambush

The City Councillor’s shooters are still at large

COTABATO CITY – A Guindulungan town councilor was killed in an ambush perpetrated by unidentified gunmen in the small town early Monday morning.

The Guindulungan police in a report submitted to Provincial Police Chief Col. Arnold Santiago, identified the victim as Morsid Lauban, a councillor of the municipality.

The councillor was driving in his black Toyota pickup truck heading towards city hall for a flag-raising ceremony when he was gunned by the masked assailants. Councillor Lauban died at the scene of the shooting. Two other companions of the councilor, whom police declined to identify for security reasons were also injured in the attack.

“Pursuit operations are ongoing against the ambushers,” said Provincial Police Chief Santiago.

The town’s officials, including Mayor Midpantao Midtimbang Jr., have condemned the incident as they called on the police to arrest the persons behind the ambush.

Roadblocks were immediately set up around the town following the incident.

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