Deadpool and Beatles Star Nominated to be Ontario's next First Nation Chief
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Deadpool and Beatles Star Nominated to be Warpole’s next First Nation Chief

Indian Act Loophole could see Deadpool or McCartney assume the role of next Warpole Chief

Due to a loop hole in the Indian Act either Non-First Nations people Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) or Sir Paul McCartney (Beatles) have been nominated as Chief for Walpole Island First Nation, a reservation nestled on an island bordering Michigan and Canada … according to the indigenous community’s director of operations, James Jenkins.

He told TMZ that the actor and rock star were nominated by 2 eligible electors this weekend, which qualifies them both under band bylaws as official nominees for Chief.

Deadpool and Beatles Star Nominated to be Ontario's next First Nation Chief

Under bylaw and the Indian Act Ryan and Paul don’t technically have to be part of the native community to be nominated or become elected as Chief. There’s a loophole from way back in 1868, when Walpole Island First Nation elected a non-member as chief, forging a precedent allowing nonmembers to run for Chief.

They have until Thursday to contact the Walpole Island membership office to have their names removed from the ballot. If the deadline passes without a declining the nomination they’ll both remain legit candidates for Chief when the election is held September 19, 2020. If one of them wins, the First Nation would contact them, and Chief Ryan or Chief Paul would have to assume office or resign.

The intentions behind the nominations remain unclear, and we’re told there are mixed emotions. Some members believe they both have the skills to be an effective leader because of their wildly successful entertainment careers.

The Chief is the highest elected position which deals with the federal, provincial and municipal responsibilities. They are the voice of the community and head of the band council, tasked with overseeing programs and services run by administrators. Naturally, Chief is the most respected position in Walpole Island First Nation, which has about 5,000 members.

Walpole Island is no stranger to celebs … we’re told Cher and Kid Rock have spent a great deal of time in the area, going fishing and duck hunting.
One last caveat … we’re told Ryan or Paul would likely have to move close to the reservation if elected Chief.

They may be able to accomplish their responsibilities by attending council meetings on zoom.  

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