Canada's national COVID-19 positive rate down to 1%
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87% of Canada’s COVID-19 Cases have recovered

Canada’s COVID-19 response has been based on science and good governance

There have been 118,985 cases of COVID-19 in Canada, including 8,970 deaths. 87% of people have now recovered. Labs across Canada have tested 4,367,208 people for COVID-19 to date. Over the past week, an average of 48,360 people were tested daily, with 1% testing positive and an average of approximately 400 cases were reported daily from across the country.

87% of Canada's COVID-19 Cases have recovered

“Now that our collective efforts have flattened the curve and brought COVID-19 spread under manageable control, with increased capacity and public health measures in place to keep it that way, we must now establish a careful balance to keep the infection rate low, while minimizing unintended health and social consequences.” said Dr Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer

As schools prepare to reopen, the Canadian government continues to provide unprecedented support to administrators of schools from kindergarten to grade 12 and local public health authorities in the safe resumption of in-school educational programming during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Public Health Agency of Canada, has developed guidance in collaboration with Canadian public health experts and stakeholders.

The guidance recommends a layered approach, including decreasing the number of interactions with others and increasing the safety of interactions. As well, to support local decision-making and to provide guidance outlines strategies for how schools can implement these measures.

As with all efforts thus far, Canadians are one of several countries with a national strategy to combat COVID-19 and keep the economy going. Living with COVID-19 means remaining aware of the risks for exposure in the community and making informed decisions based on the advice and recommendations of your local public health authority.

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