B.C just made it easier to by Weed online
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B.C just made it easier to by Cannabis online

British Columbians (B.C) can now order Cannabis online with new App

B.C has amended its regulations to allow private cannabis retail store (CRS) licensees to sell non-medical cannabis products online for pickup in store.

Previously, customers could reserve cannabis products online, but they were required to be physically present to complete payment and obtain their purchases. The new regulation will allow for payments to be made on a website, app or by telephone, limiting customer time in stores and permitting physically distanced pickup.

In-store pickup is still required to allow employees to check identification. Retailers must also include an age-verification tool in their online sales systems. Government is considering proposals from private retailers for delivery of online cannabis. Any potential relaxation of the existing delivery prohibition for private retailers would need to maintain strict standards preventing youth access to cannabis.

“This change responds to a request from private retailers as they continue to follow the mandates of the provincial health officer,” said David Eby, Attorney General. “It supports public health and safety by reducing the amount of time customers need to spend in stores and allows them to remain physically distanced from employees and each other.”

B.C just made it easier to by Weed online

An additional change will permit CRS licensees with multiple stores to accept prepaid purchase cards (gift cards) at any of that licensee’s locations or through its online system. Previous regulations restricted the use of such cards to the store at which the card was purchased.

The new changes will improve the competitiveness of legal operators in drawing business from illegal online cannabis stores by offering increased convenience for consumers.

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