10,249,460 Infected, 504,466 Dead, When will it F**king End?
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10,249,460 Infected, 504,466 Dead, When will it ever End?

10,249,460 Infected, 504,466 Dead, When will it ever End? Coronavirus, COVID-19, Social Distancing

We mark another very grim milestone today, there are now more than ten million people around the world infected with the Coronavirus disease, according to Worldometer an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics availableCovid-19 – Live Map Update

Worldometer’s Covid-19 data is trusted and used by Johns Hopkins CSSE,

10,249,460 Infected, 504,466 Dead, When Will It F**King End?

This global pandemic has spread far and wide in only a matter of months. The first reported case was on December 31st, 2019. Chinese Health officials informed the WHO about 41 patients with pneumonia, who were all connected to an outdoor seafood market.  Covid-19 claimed its first life less than two weeks later. Today, nearly five months later the death toll has surpassed 504,466 and ten million infected.

This virus has no bounds or boundaries, as new countries and territories are identifying new cases every day. Currently, there are 203 countries around the world that are affected, and that number will continue to climb and stretch into communities who have no known cases as of today. 

10,249,460 Infected, 504,466 Dead, When Will It F**King End?

This invisible deadly virus has caused governments around the world to take unprecedented measures to protect their citizens and flatten the curve. Canada currently has 103,250 cases reported with 66,191 recovered. The Canadian Federal Government has been very effective flattening the curve due to the strict measures imposed early, nationally to help stop the spread of the virus, including; physical distancing, the closure of non-essential services, mandatory self-isolation upon return from outside Canada and closing the border to the United States. 

In recent weeks our neighbours to the south have surpassed China’s record of total confirmed cases reported, with 2,637,077 Americans now confirmed. The national death toll for America now sits at 128, 437 and climbing.

America is reaping the havoc of electing a president that has no political experience. Trump does not give two shits about science and protecting the lives of innocent Americans. His main focus remains on his re-election and appeasing to his racist base with dog whistle type rhetoric and language.

The embattled president has muzzled his chief scientist Dr. Fauci, head of the CDC and other science based organizations from speaking out. In some cases, the president has not spoken to the countries top scientists for weeks.

Trump has contributed to the spread of the virus by refusing to encourage Americans to wear masks, providing false and misleading information about the virus and hold large political gatherings in confined areas without restrictions.

Right now there is no end in sight, no cure at the moment, despite the multitude of researchers and scientists around the world working day and night to find the antidote.  Around the world people are scared, frightened, worried about their future, feeling helpless. 

As we mark a very sad milestone today, we all have an integral part to play to stem the tide and take necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Stay inside, wash your hands, practice social distancing and if you feel sick seek medical advice immediately. 

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