Trudeau Announces Immediate Ban On 1500 Assault Firearms
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Trudeau Announces Immediate Ban On 1500 Assault Firearms

Trudeau Announces Immediate Ban On 1500 Assault Firearms. The Government Will A Have Firearms Buyback Program.

Canadians want to feel safe! The horrific events of Nova Scotia were a stark reminder of why a ban on assault-style firearms was needed. As a matter of fact, this is something that should have been done many decades ago.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision today is unpopular with many gun-loving conservatives, but it’s the right one. Trudeau was elected to guide the country, grow the economy, reconcile with the Indigenous people and most importantly keep Canadians safe. If the country wanted a leader whose “Scheer” goal was to be popular, they would have elected Andrew. After all, he did win the popular vote, but we know how that election ended.

Trudeau Announces Immediate Ban On 1500 Assault Firearms

“Because of gun violence, people are dying, families are grieving, and communities are suffering. It must end. Assault-style firearms designed for military use have no place in Canada. By removing them from our streets, we will limit the devastating effects of gun-related violence and help make our country safer.”The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Scheer took today’s announcement to ratchet up his divisive rhetoric to accuse the Prime Minister of using the Nova Scotia massacre and COVID-19 pandemic to ” push his ideological agenda and make major firearms policy changes.”

While Canadians continue to rally around Nova Scotians and the Prime Minister for guiding the country through these tough times, Scheer once again remains the odd person out.

The outgoing leader took to Twitter doing his best Trump impression to criticize the Prime Minister. Instead of using his remaining time as leader of the Conservative Party to enact policies or cooperate with the government, he instead chooses to be insolent, belligerent and petty.

Elected officials are supposed to have differences in opinions, which is the bases of government checks and balances. However, to disagree or put out statements opposing every decision of the government for the sake of doing so, just makes Scheer and any politician look foolish.

Trudeau Announces Immediate Ban On 1500 Assault Firearms

In the wake of the mass shooting in New Zealand, elected officials from all parties voted unanimously to ban assault firearms. They did it because it was the right thing to do. One Canadian killed by gun violence is one too many. Violent crimes involving firearms continue to have devastating impacts on communities across the country.

Events like the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia, the attack in 2017 at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec, and the massacre that took place in 1989 at École Polytechnique de Montréal should never have happened. The banning of assault firearms is long overdue.

The newly prohibited firearms and components cannot be legally used, sold, or imported into Canada. Owners must also continue to safely store them, and may only transfer and transport them under limited circumstances. These measures will remove dangerous firearms designed for military use from our communities, and help ensure that Canadian families and communities no longer suffer from gun violence.

There will be a transition period of two years to protect owners of newly prohibited firearms from criminal liability while they take steps to comply with these new rules.

Trudeau Announces Immediate Ban On 1500 Assault Firearms

The two-year amnesty order under the Criminal Code will remain in effect until April 30, 2022. There are exceptions under the amnesty for Indigenous peoples exercising Aboriginal or treaty rights to hunt, and for those who hunt or trap to sustain themselves or their families.

These exceptions will allow for the continued use of newly prohibited firearms in limited circumstances until a suitable replacement can be found. By the end of the amnesty period, all firearms owners must comply with the ban.

The Government will work with all parties to introduce a buy-back legislation into parliament to safely remove assault firearms from the public.

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