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Quebec Bracing For Pandemic Wave

QUÉBEC, “The month of April promises to be crucial in our battle against the coronavirus”, insisted the Premier of Québec, François Legault, during his daily press briefing. With 4,611 confirmed cases of contagion to COVID ‑ 19, 33 deaths and 307 people hospitalized, including 82 in intensive care – no increase in 24 hours – the situation in Quebec is under control and as expected.

The efforts of the past few weeks have allowed Quebec to save precious time and prepare for what is to come. In fact, Mr. Legault recalled that more than 6,000 beds have been released in the health network to make room for people with coronavirus who are at risk of being hospitalized. In addition, Quebec is one of the first states in North America to close all businesses and all businesses that are not essential, and one of the places in the world that, per capita, has made the most tests to quickly detect cases.

The Prime Minister added that in the coming days, the government will unveil a scenario, most likely, concerning the progression of the virus.

Equipment for one week

Concerning the protective equipment for medical personnel, several orders arrived yesterday and the situation is improving. “Today, the network has enough equipment for a week,” assured François Legault.

In the coming weeks, Quebec companies will even be able to manufacture and supply equipment.

Protect our seniors

The Prime Minister made no secret of it: the situation in residences and centers for the elderly is serious. He reminds us that our seniors are very vulnerable to the virus and that the guidelines must be followed more than ever. “When you are told not to visit seniors’ residences, it is serious. It’s a matter of life and death, ”said Mr. Legault.

New roadside checks

Since this morning, new roadside checks to limit travel from one region to another have been added by the Sureté du Québec, particularly in the north of Lanaudière, the Laurentians, the Mauricie and the Outaouais. They were established to protect more areas that are currently less infected. François Legault reiterated that non-essential displacement is no longer tolerated.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to issue a warning to people who still gather in public places and to non-essential businesses and merchants still open. “It’s illegal, but it’s mostly irresponsible. There are lives at stake, ”he said.

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