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The Right Still Upset At Trudeau For Supporting Local Business

While Americans debate the Trump Impeachment and the Chinese deal with the recent quarantine of a city of 11 million people to stop the spread of Coronavirus; Canadians are devouring partisan attacks about more important issues. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau started the major controversy by posting online that he had stopped in at Winnipeg bakery Oh Doughnuts to pick up a few boxes of beignets during a three-day Liberal Cabinet meeting. Since then the online trolls have been lighting up Facebook, Instagram and Reddiit expressing their usual hatred for Trudeau and everything Trudeau.

The choice of store is being used to highlights the difference of class within Canada. Seemingly those on the right of politics enjoy a Tim Horton’s doughnut, while those of the left, love the small mom and pop shops like Oh Doughnuts. If Trudeau had selected Tim Horton’s he would have been attacked as favouring large corporations & being against the working class. It seems that no matter how well you do dealing with the fallout of the Iranian airplane crisis. or the signing of NAFTA you can never get ahead of small petty politics. Even Reconciliation can get mixed up in the messy affair of doughnuts with a few suggesting he should have ordered fried bannock to highlight Indigenous peoples and the relationship with the Crown.

The principal issue we are all facing is no matter what doughnut you enjoy, if it is covered in sprinkles, or maple, or chocolate, you are still a Canadian.  Let us focus on the important things like enjoying the cold, because it is almost over.

PS Oh Doughnuts had also replied to Trudeau’s online post by thanking the PM, adding “Pretty sure Health Canada would agree everything is okay in moderation.”

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