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10 Reasons For Same-Sex Marriage “A Canadian Perspective”

The Picture featured in the article is Jim Kane with the Honourable Anne Mclellan presenting a signed copy of the Charter of Rights to the Edmonton Pride Society. The Charter was signed by Anne and Prime Minister Paul Martin.

This article is a response to the highly inflammatory story written by TFP Student Action Group that teaches bigotry and homophobic rhetoric to youths under the disguise as family values.

I felt the need to respond and reflect on it from a Canadian Perspective not-withstanding that this has been part of the law in this country for 15 years this June.

1. A loving relationship between two people is Marriage and enshrined through the Equality Clause in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It supports the wellbeing of spouses with equal protections under the law. Procreation does not occur in many marriages for a variety of reasons. This includes traditional families. Many of these Parents go on to adopt children and raise them in a supportive environment.

2. They say this violates Natural Law. Don’t know where they get this, however, it has been my experience that Same-Sex relationships are Natural for people that are born that way. We have seen the disastrous results of Conversion Therapy and many who make the ultimate sacrifice and “hideout” in a Traditional Marriage. The Mental Health Costs are a heavy burden to our health care system. I believe it is only natural to “Live and Let Live”

3. It provides a Child Two Loving Parents.

4. It allows people to be themselves and live freely. Remember this is Canada eh? Pierre Trudeau stated in 1968 that “The State has no business in the bedrooms of the Nation”

5. Love is a Family Value. Love is not Morally Wrong.

6. Love creates a family.

7. The State’s purpose of Benefiting Marriage is to provide a legal framework for loving couples. Let’s not forget the “Public Apology” made in the House of Commons in 2017. A standing ovation after many inclusive and progressive speeches by most leaders made this an eventful and significant day. The Government of Canada committed that many of these injustices would NEVER Happen Again.

8. It does not impose Acceptance on all of the Canadian Society. The equal marriage law is a balance of Clause 15 and Clause 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It allows those religious groups who do not believe in Equal Marriage the right to deny performing one in their Church of choice. Under the law however if you are performing a marriage outside of Church as a Justice of the Peace, you are required to perform one under the law. The marriages outside of a Church are governed by the law. It should be duly noted that many Churches are only too welcoming to perform a Same-Sex Marriage. They have the freedom to do that as well.

9. It is the cutting edge of the latest Human Rights struggle for equality. It has been an example that has led to many other Nations to follow the same path in the past 15 years! Canada has a proud history. In Manitoba, we remember Nellie McClung, who fought to ensure equality for Women’s Right to Vote! We have seen many struggles for equality for People of Colour. With increased awareness of issues, fair-minded people who believe in a Just Society are willing to move forward and address these issues.

10. Love does not Offend God. No one Religious Group can define this as there is a variety of opinions. The view of One Religion will not be imposed on Society as a Whole.

To my Liberal Friends who are still of a different opinion, it should be noted that a Policy Convention just before the 2004 Election, passed a resolution supporting equal marriage. I am proud to say that I moved that Motion and Spoke to it in the Alberta Policy Convention that proceeded it. It was developed by the Policy Committee on the Edmonton Centre Board that I was apart of at the time. Our member of parliament, the Hon. Anne McClellan supported it in the House a year later.

Jim Kane

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