City Hall Truth And Reconciliation Project Unveiled Today

Today, the City of Regina unveiled an installation at City Hall to educate visitors and staff on our commitment and journey toward Truth and Reconciliation.

“The support for Reconciliation Regina from organizations throughout the city shows us that our residents are keen to make progress on the TRC calls to action,” said Mayor Michael Fougere. “This installation will remind us of the good work that the City of Regina has been a part of, and inspire us every day to continue to make progress.”

Fourteen panels stretch 43 feet along a main floor hallway in City Hall, centred by a medicine wheel and star. The project is the result of consultation with elders and is meant to be a daily reminder to staff and visitors of City Hall of the importance of reconciliation in our
community. The content of the panels integrates historical information on treaties and residential schools along with employee photos and written commitments to reconciliation.

“These panels are here to remind us of what work has been done toward reconciliation and inspire us to gain a greater understanding of our next steps that will move us forward as a community that champions diversity and inclusion,” said Chris Holden, City Manager. “We want employees to see themselves in this journey and feel supported in learning more about
Indigenous culture, human rights and anti-racism.”

The unveiling event featured Cree/Metis artist Krystle Pederson singing the Metis National Anthem, as well as Teddy Bison, a Nakoda/Cheyenne singer and drummer from Ocean Man First Nation. The Truth and Reconciliation project is located on the main floor of City Hall, next to the Courtyard Café.

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