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Jagmeet Singh’s Delusions Of Grandeur

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh lost the election full stop! However, by his actions and antics, one would have assumed he had ascended to the top job of Prime Minister of Canada. 

There is nothing to celebrate when your party suffers significant losses on election night. Furthermore, finishing fourth in the race, and by all accounts, is a participation ribbon. He Mortgaged Jack Layton’s place and put the party in a financial deficit.

Under Singh’s leadership, the NDP will never win a general election. We will go out on a limb a predict significant losses for the party in future elections, which should be of significant concern to the party if it wants to remain relevant. Singh has yet to prove that he can win Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The party is broke and should be having buyer’s remorse for the way they treated Mulcair.

The NDP needs to do some serious soul-searching as Singh does not have the charisma and likeability of Jack Layton or Mulcair. Where the party ends up a couple of elections into the future will be a good measuring stick of Singh’s efficacy as a leader. And based on the political landscape, the NDP will eventually move on from Singh as the leader in the foreseeable future.

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